Sushi Bar

Traditional, Fresh Sushi daily

Thomas Ker & Luanne Wu

Thomas and Luanne have been working in Atkins Sushi Bar since August 2012, providing large selections of sushi with the freshest ingredients made daily at Atkins.

Thomas and Luanne both have had experience in the restaurant business. They have worked in Japanese restaurants for three years in Delaware. During that time, Thomas started learning how to make sushi and Japanese food. In 2009, they moved to Amherst, MA to learn how to make Chinese food and learned how to operate a restaurant from Luanne’s mother, Jenny, who has worked as a restaurant manager for 14 years at Amherst Chinese Food. Jenny retired in 2011. Her philosophy is to provide the community with healthy and tasty food by using local farm goods

Locally Made Sushi in Western MA

In Atkins Farms’ Sushi bar, they also have platters for special events and/or parties as well as more Sushi related, oriental specialty products and hot prepared foods. They are only using the freshest ingredients to make the highest quality and healthy choice of sushi and hot items for our valued customers.